CEO Confidential

I am struck by the notion that as people progress with their careers, the closer they rise to the top of an organisation, the more isolated they can feel.  I have heard, “it gets lonely at the top” many times.  And furthermore the fear that starting a conversation that matters with just anyone, has the potential to go with unintended consequences; to fire up the ‘rumour mill’. It’s a bit like talking to the media – it’s open to interpretation and innuendo. There is also potential here to put off having the conversation because, “I may not get a good hearing; I might have to justify my view; I may be judged; I might have to be prepared to defend my point of view; I could be given gratuitous advice!” are some of the possible outcomes


So, the question then, is:

With whom do senior people get to ‘speak their mind’ with where the only consequence is to be heard and gain an insight? 

Where do they find the opportunity to articulate ‘the conversations in the head’?

Where do these people go to have one-on-one confidential conversations, knowing that it will go no further? 

How might the CEO/Executive then select a person who could bring a high level of empathy, objectivity and curiosity to support them in dealing with an issue or matter of concern?

Where can they go with absolute confidence knowing they will be really listened to?


CEO Confidential provides a space where there is the trust and freedom to share thoughts and feelings, to speak one’s mind and have absolute confidence in knowing it will go no further.  It is an energising, illuminating and generative experience where the candidate gains insights, explores choices and options and encouragement for moving ahead.


When these concerns were shared with a candidate by asking if the conversations were adding value, the client’s response was; “…..don’t think that for a moment…., because the conversations that I’m having with you I can’t have with anyone else!”