We work with executives to provoke new ways of thinking and inspire new ways of succeeding in a changing world.


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Lewis Rowell - CEO Director

Lewis leads the CEO Confidential team and has a life-time of experience working alongside CEO’s, executives and community leaders. He is an agricultural researcher, an entrepreneur and businessman with a unique viewpoint of how people either survive or thrive in organisations.

Every business is unique, each person has hidden capabilities. It is “my job is to understand everything about you and your business and to help you reach your real potential”.

Lewis understands the importance of creating a safe place to unpack issues and reflect on new and creative solutions.  Lewis attributes much of his triumphs to his skill in questioning assumptions and being prepared to embrace creativity to drive actual change and advancement.

To find out more about Lewis you can contact him at lewis@ceoconfidential.com.au or view his profile on LinkedIn.

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Helen Woods - CEO Career Coach

Helen is driven by her passion to support organisations and their leaders to be the best they can be.

Helen draws on her novel practices and techniques to work with leaders and corporate teams to solve complex problems, to co-create new and rousing futures and to realise workplace capability and outputs.

Helen motivates individuals and groups to discover their sense of self so they can confidently embrace change and fulfill the future they seek.

To find out more about Helen you can contact her at helen@ceoconfidential.com.au or view her profile on LinkedIn.

Dr Tim Dyke - CEO Risk & Mitigation Coach

Tim Dyke is a trained veterinary surgeon with specialist qualifications in clinical pharmacology and has had a prestigious profession as a senior public servant in Canberra, following a career as a clinician, academic and research scientist. These days Tim has reinvented himself and is an organisational management consultant, coach and mentor committed to commercial and people advancement, business strategy, project management, risk mitigation as well as offering a range of regulatory and technical advisory services.

Tim’s corporate know-how and client relationships have concentrated on strengthening leadership capability, building capacity, improving output and preparing people to deliver inspiring projects. He has a solid reputation for uncovering the root causes of wicked organisational problems and finding strategic and lasting system-wide solutions.

Tim is well-practiced in delivering results that demonstrate his ability to be both a fearless and effective leader as well as a diplomat - especially when working in environments where the stakes are high and politically-charged. His international experience sets him apart, with many envying his ability to network, to gain the trust of those he works with, and to develop fundamental principles for solving big challenges and issues.

To find out more about Tim you can contact him at connect@ceoconfidential.com.au or view his profile on LinkedIn.

Catherine Moynihan - CEO Culture Change Champion

Catherine is an organisational performance consultant and coach with more than 15 years’ experience partnering with CEO’s, executive teams and leaders. She has held senior consulting and leadership positions and worked in numerous geographic regions including Asia Pacific and America. Catherine’s reputation as a consultant and coach is exemplary and her  practice spans a variety of industries including, Information  Technology,  Telecommunications, Financial Services, Banking, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Advertising, Utilities, Mining, FMCG, Manufacturing, Local City Councils and Statutory Bodies.

Catherine has facilitated the shifts needed to raise client confidence, performance, motivation and productivity, improving individual capability and dynamism.  She accelerates the ability of her clients to reach breakthrough by helping them to realise their full potential and optimise their hidden gifts, strengths and other newly discovered opportunities.

Catherine elegantly helps each person explore their truth and discover their practical wisdom and moral skill.  She is a masterful facilitator of robust and fearless conversations that really matter.  Her genuine intent is to witness how individuals, teams and businesses can find that space to be the best that they can be.

Catherine has boundless energy, extraordinary passion and as an action-orientated role model is always focused on achieving unexpected outcomes.

To find out more about Catherine you can contact her at connect@ceoconfidential.com.au or view her profile on LinkedIn.


Jacki Mitchell - CEO Brand Profiler

Jacki is a Brand & Media Educator at CEO Confidential – she will teach you how to reach your business and personal brand potential. Getting your ideas heard is central to all Jacki does, as a thought leader, she is a regular commentator on SKY Business News, Radio RPP98.7fm and a Teaching Associate at Monash University School of Business.

Jacki facilitates workshops, masterclasses and coaches with a cutting-edge insight into consumer behaviour and the psychology of persuasion from the latest in brain (neuroscience) research, supporting individuals to discover more about themselves and to clarify how they want to be perceived by others. Her use of relatable stories, facts and data coupled with her positivity and enthusiasm lead to high levels of engagement and results.

As founder of Australia's leading international award-winning brand agency brandstorm® Pty Ltd in 2001, Jacki Mitchell has worked with many leading global organisations, from large multinationals, SME’s, Microbusinesses and Entrepreneurs, like Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, Australia Post, QIC Retail, Spotless Services, Skilled Engineering, Powercor and Tennis Australia to name a few.


Daryl Starkey - CEO Governance Consultant

Daryl is an experienced Chief Executive with particular expertise focusing on health and community service general management in the private and community sectors in South Australia and Victoria. His CEO roles spanning over 25 years include private hospitals, ambulance service, disability, employment, aged care, mental health and a registered training organisation.
Daryl also has extensive governance knowledge and skills as a Board director. Roles include Disability Professionals Victoria (Chair), a community Telco, Rotary (including President) plus he has been a member of a wide range of Committees and Task Forces. Daryl was selected by the Victorian Minister for Community Services to be a member of the Victorian Community Sector Reform Council (2013 – 14). He was a member of the Committee for Geelong Strategy & Policy Committee for eight years and also a Member Victorian National Disability Services State Committee for eight years.

During his 15 year tenure as CEO, Karingal diversified and grew substantially over 15 years. Services are now delivered by Karingal across Victoria, Adelaide and Brisbane. Annual revenue has grown from $10 million to over $100 million and staff numbers have increased from 600 to over 1,700. Daryl has directed the amalgamations of three separate community service organisations into Karingal Incorporated.

Daryl and Karingal were ardent campaigners for the National Disability Insurance Scheme in 2010 and 2011. Geelong was recognised as having a very strong campaign team which was led by Karingal. Daryl was instrumental in instigating the successful lobby bid by the City of Greater Geelong and other key organisations in the Barwon Region to secure one of the four NDIS launch sites in Geelong.

Daryl’s leadership experience presents a rich pastiche of knowledge and wisdom for coaches seeking guidance on career path issues and executive and non-executive roles. 

To find out more about Daryl you can contact him at connect@ceoconfidential.com.au or view his profile on LinkedIn.

Regardless of whether the team at CEO Confidential is providing leadership development or facilitating world café-style meetings, they are always highly responsive to the individuals or the group and can take a complicated problem and distil the essence of the solution with wisdom, experience and incredibly effective frameworks. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
— Prof. James Dunbar, Director of Greater Green Triangle University Department of Rural Health Flinders University and Deakin University.